Fox 40 Electronic 3 Tone Whistle w/ Adjustable Wrist Lanyard

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Size: 1 Whistle
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The Fox 40 Electronic Whistle is a hygienic solution for multiple-user situations. Instead of mouth-operated, this whistle is hand operated by pushing a button. The Electronic Whistle comes with an adjustable wrist lanyard and a 9-volt battery. Loud, clear, and consistent sound throughout three tones.  

  • Just a push of a button provides a loud, clear and consistent sound Features
  • offers a hygienic solution for multiple operators 4-switch, three tone functions
  • Tone 3 sound can be aimed in specific directions includes detachable wrist lanyard and 9-volt battery

Caution: do not aim whistle sound directly in a person's ear.​​

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CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning(s)

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