Black Knight THE BEAST badminton racquet

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The Beast lives up to its name by offering reinforced construction across nearly every facet of design, including a thicker frame and shaft, as well as a double-layer grip! The result is a racquet that will stand up to relentless use while still delivering controlled and powerful performance. Recommended for ages 11 and above.



  • 26”L Frame
  • Aluminum and Steel Construction
  • Braided-Nylon Strings
  • 4.2 oz

Reinforced Construction

A heavy-gauge aluminum head is 42% thicker than traditional racquets, lending unmatched durability and resilience to even the roughest plays. A reinforced aluminum T-joint connects the head and shaft while protecting it against abuse and channeling more power from swings. Sporting the thickest steel shaft we offer, these racquets are 15% thicker than comparable traditional models! A double-layer grip allows users to peal off worn out tape to reveal a fresh layer underneath!

Responsive Play

Despite a tremendously reinforced frame, these racquets are a featherweight 4.2 oz, lending swiftness and accuracy to every hit. Braided-nylon strings transfer maximum power to shuttlecocks for kinetic returns, and an isometric head helps students control every shot. With great power, accuracy, and comfort behind these racquets, games of badminton will quickly become competitive, keeping students on their toes and always playing their best.

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